Who are we?




ARTALISTIC is a website that specializes in selling modern and contemporary artwork online. Our main goal is to assist you by providing you with personalized advice that will enable you to acquire the perfect piece of art. We will also help you navigate the purchasing process, going beyond a virtual experience in order to create a real lasting relationship with you.


The art market is often considered to be a hidden exclusive world. Artalistic is proud to offer price transparency as well as an open, trustworthy community where buyers have access to several features that allow them to post their opinions and comments directly on the website and our social networks. We also encourage buyers to leave reviews about sellers, their pieces and the website.


Artalistic met un point d’honneur sur la transparence des prix et l'expérience vécue par les acheteurs, ils seront amenés à noter les vendeurs et le site, ainsi ils laisseront leurs avis et commentaires directement sur le site et les réseaux sociaux.


We are aware of the concerns online art buyers might have, which is why we select quality artwork and are extremely careful to provide accurate digital images of each piece. We also want to bring an educational dimension to the website by providing instructive content in order to make your visit to our website much more than just a pleasant online shopping experience.



A QUOTE FROM THE FOUNDER: "The online art market creates an incredible opportunity to break down many barriers and bring art into our visitors’ lives without stepping foot in a gallery or auction house. I want Artalistic to provide easy access to art and make purchasing pieces simple by giving our clients the proper support and advise. Artalistic is also committed to promoting young emerging artists by giving them an easy to use digital means to leave their mark on the global art market".  

Artalistic Team

Artalistic’s team is comprised of young, dynamic, international individuals with complementary skills that will help them meet your needs and make sure that you are satisfied.
Cynthia Soddu

Fondatrice d’Artalistic

Founder of Artalistic. Graduated from the École du Louvre with a Master's degree in Art Market Studies and International Negotiation. She has professional experience in auction houses and with modern and contemporary art galleries. She decided to embark in the entrepreneurial world by creating her own art consulting and brokerage company. By creating Artalistic, she's boldly taking on the online art market by giving individuals, professionals and artists the opportunity to sell and purchase art.

Sophie Michaux


Sophie Michaux has a professional degree in "Art Market Studies and Antiques" as well as a Master's degree in art history with a specialization in "Museums." She began her career in the famous Parisian district Drouot specializing in auctions alongside auctioneers, art experts and dealers. Today, Sophie works in a gallery specializing in modern and contemporary art and is also an archivist in a museum. Cynthia and Sophie met in a Paris based art consulting firm specializing in contemporary art.

Svetlana Jarova


Svetlana Jarova has a Master's degree in "Research in Slavic Literature and Linguistic Studies." Jarova is 25 years old and has a multi-cultural background - Russian, French and Hispanic. Her professional work in auction houses and art galleries allowed Svetlana to develop an original concept, "Personal Research and Development through Paintings." This technique allows her to bring art lovers, artists and professionals together through her never-ending search for new pieces. 

Guillaume Le Goslès

Web editor

Guillaume Le Goslès is a highly experienced writer specializing in creating content for websites that incorporates natural SEO in order to garner a top position within a Google search results page. He often works with large companies, collaborating with them to develop successful digital marketing strategies. Guillaume is well versed in website building and design programs. He is also a novelist and the author of several works of contemporary literature.

Dani Bogenhagen


Dani Bogenhagen is an award-winning photographer and painter. She received a BA from Bard College, New York. She began her career in the art world working as the head of Larry Fink’s photography studio. She took great pride and care in her work, developing, retouching and printing Larry Fink’s photographs as well as coordinating with publishing houses, magazines and museums. She worked with staff at varying agencies such as Vanity Fair, MoMA, the New York Times, etc. Over the past 10 years she has been living in France where she works as a professional photographer and translator. Her passion for art and international experience allows her to serve as a liaison between our English-speaking clients and our team. She also translates the bi-monthly Artalistic Blog.

Romain Amineau

Consultant & CRO

Romain Amineau has been working in marketing since the end of his studies in 2005. He worked for 3 years as the e-commerce manager of an advertising firm then went on to direct the e-commerce department at another agency. Over the past 4 years he has been working as a freelance Google Ads consultant. In early 2018 he created his own company, working as a freelancer specializing in the creation, management and optimization of sponsored links campaigns and conversion improvement. He works hand in hand with his clients; delivering true benefits for their online businesses by boosting their campaign performance, content targeting and overall growth.