Street Art

Street Art

Street Art also known as Urban Art is a contemporary artistic movement developed at its origins by artists in streets and public spaces legally or not. Street Art must be differentiated from Graffiti Art, close to the US Hip-hop movement, urban design not necessarily calling on the use of letters nor spray can.

John Fekner defines street art as being " any art in the street which is not graffiti ".

Artists can use freehand traditional spray paint but also other mediums and techniques such as mosaïc, the art of the stencil, street installations, sticker, textile… Street Art can be small-sized, discreet (poster, sticker) but can also be monumental and occupy the whole side of a building.

Graffiti artists motivations are multiple: often the expression of a political or social message, looking to build an identity, a visual signature through its name or « blaze » developping figurative art or abstract art. Above all the majority of artists wish to express themselves and that their works are seen by a maximum of people in these public spaces. It is a temporary art intended for the public at large dedicated to people who would not necessarily visit a museum or an art gallery. These last decades, irony of fate, street art moved little by little off the street to museums, galleries and even entered our homes.