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Artalistic proposes varied modern, contemporary and quality paintings with artists having quotations on the Art market.

You can discover them according to your desires or by refining your search according to the theme, to the desired technique or to your budget.

Painting is a technique of artistic creation used since the first artistic expressions of Man. Under the generic name of painting are grouped several techniques, movements and pictorial styles. A painting can be in oil or acrylic, all depends on the period, on the will of the artist. It can also represent a precise subject, in this case it is figurative art, but artists are going to drop little by little this type of expression to the benefit of abstract art. If with contemporary art, painting as medium started to decline, these last years we can observe a renewed interest and a return to more traditional practices.

TAGS: oil paint, acrylic, mixed techniques, abstract, figurative art, portrait, landscape, nude, street art, pop art, African paint, Art brut.