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Street Art

Street Art is a contemporary art movement that was developed by artists in the street and public spaces, either legally or illegally. This style of art must be differentiated from Graffiti, which is closely intertwined with American Hip Hop; street art does not necessarily involve spray painting. John Fekner defines street art as, "All art on the street that’s not graffiti."

Artists can use several techniques and media such as traditional freehand aerosol painting but also mosaics, stencil art, street installations, etc. Street art can be small and discreet (poster or sticker) but it can be also monumental and occupy a whole section of a building.

Graffiti artists' motivations vary greatly, for instance: political or social, creating an identity, a stylized signature or "tag" and developing a figurative art or abstraction. Street artists want above all to express themselves and for their work to be seen by as many people as possible in these public spaces, it is an art form that is intended for the general public that is meant to be ephemeral. In recent decades, street art has gradually moved from the streets to museums, galleries and our homes.