Looking for unique gift ideas for the holidays? Artalistic brings you affordable and original ideas if you are contemplating giving the gift of art! Our carefully curated collection of paintings, photographs, sculptures and drawings will have you spoilt for choice! With this gift guide you can forget about anguishing over what to pick and the stress of buying a gift last minute. There are many great reasons to gift art for the holidays.

Gifting art will bring joy to your loved ones!

Looking for an affordable & original holiday gift idea?

While it is true that some works of art are sold at rather exorbitant prices that most people can’t even dream of affording, there are numerous pieces of art sold at very reasonable prices. No need to offer a Chagall, Monet or Soulages to please your loved one!

Many artists create sublime works of art that are sure to capture your special someone’s heart. Talented artists create paintings, sculptures, photographs and limited edition prints at prices that will suit all budgets. Gifting art is no longer reserved for the elite class. Feel free to browse our extensive catalog. We have an impressive array of pieces using all different types of media from established and emerging artists.

Add a touch of personality and class to your holiday gift!

Gifting art shows the recipient that you really took your time considering their taste and interests. Art is a very personal gift that brings people together and creates bonds of beauty and meaning. When your loved one delicately unwraps the piece you have selected for them they will give you a look of deep appreciation worth all the happiness in the world.

Gifting art: feel confident about the present you’ll offer this holiday season

Each work of art is unique and is sure to please your significant other, sibling, parents or friends. In order to select a piece that your special someone will love, you’ve got to do a little detective work about the person's tastes, their preferred style of art and maybe their favorite color palette (dark muted tones, vibrant primary colors, etc). The objective is to find the rare pearl that corresponds to their taste as much possible.

Don't forget to take into account the space the recipient will exhibit the piece in. For example, a large painting may look best in spacious rooms, while smaller pieces may look more at home in modest sized spaces, such as a miniature sculpture or a statuette placed on a chest of drawers.

A magical medium

Art has a magical power and capacity to bring creator and viewer together by transmitting the artist’s ideas and creative energy. Gifting art for the holidays allows you to share strong emotions as well as a philosophical or spiritual dimension that has been captured in the work of art.

Art is freeing

Art allows us to travel through the dreams and visions of their creator. It is a passport to discovery, allowing us to delve deeper into the artist’s mind and open new doors of thought in the viewer.

Make your purchases with complete peace of mind

Another advantage of gifting art for the holidays – you can avoid hasty, last minute shopping on big digital retailer’s websites! With this original holiday gift idea, you'll be able to bypass long lines at stores and have fun browsing our incredible catalog of art. You'll have plenty of time to virtually stroll through the best online art sales websites.

Be sure to check out our online gallery of contemporary art! Artalistic provides you with a secure way to purchase art online and our team of assistants is ready to answer all of your questions.

You will be spoilt for choice when browsing Artalistic’s online portfolios. We hope that we have given you a great and original holiday gift idea. Feel free to contact us for more detailed information about a piece or an artist that has caught your eye.