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ARTALISTIC is a website that specializes in selling works of art online Modern and Contemporary art that is accessible to everyone: non-professionals, artists and professionals. If you are interested in selling, fill out and submit this form. The advertisements are put online free of charge after our teams review and accept them. Artalistic's mission is to bring together an array of individuals from the Art Market in order to create a community around the same passion: ART. Advantages with Artalistic: we carefully study each sales request in order to provide quality pieces and an extensive selection of mediums (paintings, limited editions, drawings, photography and sculptures). We provide a secure online payment method and will offer you personalized assistance with limited response time. We also offer a system where buyers can leave reviews about sellers.

Purchasing with Artalistic

Experience Our experts have extensive
experience working in the art world
(galleries, auction houses, appraisal companies)
and check each sales request
before it is posted on our website.
Transparency There are no intermediary agents;
sellers and buyers are in direct contact.
The price is displayed as well as
the shipping costs. Buyers leave
comments and reviews about the sellers.
Reliability We carefully follow each step
of the sales and purchasing process
in order to provide you with the utmost
assistance while offering you a
secure online payment method.

Selling on Artalistic

sell artworks 1 You have
for sale
selling artworks 2 We check the
artwork advertisements
and publish them
sell art 3 Price negotiation
is possible,
agreement and sale
selling artwork 4 You ship
the pieces
that have sold
buy artworks 5 The buyer confirms
that you received the
piece and leaves a
review about you
buy art 6 You

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