Sell artwork as professional

If you are a professional and you wish to sell art, please contact us directly via the professional form.

Application form

1/ Your Details

2/ Photos of your artworks

If your website is not up to date or you do not have one please attach photographs of the pieces you would like to sell on Artalistic, your portfolio and/or an artist biography :
- title,
- date,
- technique,
- dimensions,
- state of preservation,
- weight for automatic shipping cost calculator,
- desired price
- and additional information that may be of interest to us.

Maximum file size 10 MB. (Accepted formats: jpg, jpeg, tiff, png, pdf)

3/ Presentation of the gallery / auction house / business

After accepting your request, we will offer you the possibility to choose between 4 subscriptions (only for professionals):


30% commission
on sales

+ 25 requests/month

+ « Pro Seller » icon

€290.00 per year

25% commission
on sales

+ 50 requests/month

+ « Pro Seller » icon

€490.00 per year

20% commission
on sales

+ 75 requests/month

+ « Pro Seller » icon

+ Artwork highlights

€990.00 per year

15% commission
on sales

+ Unlimited number of requests

+ « Pro Seller » icon

+ Artwork highlights

+ Priority assistance

- Tiered commission : Benefit from reduced transaction fees to optimize your earnings.
- Number of artworks listed : Depending on the chosen subscription, you will receive an increasing number of listing requests per month, providing you with more opportunities to showcase your artists and their artworks to Artalistic clients.
- « Pro Seller » icon : This icon aims to reassure customers and help them identify professional sellers who have a solid experience and a proven track record in the art sales industry. It can also attract more potential buyers."
- Artwork highlights : Gain increased visibility for your artworks through Artalistic's featured selections, social media, and monthly newsletter, reaching an audience passionate about art.
- Priority assistance : Our team is here to support you and help you make the most of your subscription. We are committed to assisting you in your artistic success.

Don't miss this opportunity to boost your business and maximize your sales by subscribing to a plan now!