Art market

Types of art buyers & collectors

The art market is a fascinating, complicated sector that can bear witness to exchanges of gargantuan sums of money. This market is made possible due largely to millions of collectors and art buyers. It is important for artists and art agents to understand the different types of art buyers and their motivations so that they can tailor their approach or marketing strategy to each potential client. Artalistic has identified the five most common types of art buyers so that you can feel more at ease in the art market.

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Famous art forgers

Delve into an intriguing part of the art market that often goes unmentioned - the world of famous art forgers. The individuals behind masterfully created art forgeries are often talented, intelligent and alluring people. Artalistic takes you on an insider’s look at the tumultuous lives of some of the world’s most famous art forgers, including Wolfgang Beltracchi, David Stein, Fernand Legros and Guy Ribes.

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Investing in contemporary fine art for beginners

The art market is exploding and attracting an increasing number of enthusiasts and investors in search of future stars - especially in the Modern and Contemporary art market. If you are thinking about investing in Contemporary fine art but are overwhelmed by the choice of artists on the market, the following article will provide our expert tips and well-kept secrets on investing in art for beginners. Who knows, maybe you will soon own a painting by the future David Hockney!

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Tips for buying art online

With the advent of new communication technologies, buying art online is becoming increasingly common. Sixty-three percent of art collectors and investors have already purchased paintings on the Web. A third of these purchases cost between 1,000 and 10,000 euros. Artalistic presents essential advice about online art purchases so that you can be confident about your investments.

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Myths about art investments

The contemporary art market is all too often the target of unfounded criticism and prejudices. Over the years individuals have fallen prey to unjustified preconceived ideas about investing in art. Artalistic has decided to untangle myth from fact so that you can learn more about this quickly growing investment opportunity.

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