Gacko (Harouna Andre Guillabert Gacko)

  • Country : France
  • Number of artworks : 13

With confidence and dexterity, the subject springs from his hands. You will see animals appear, like a dragon, a horse, a lion, a raptor, a dog, a bull... but also, characters like Don Quixote, Sancho Pança, Arthur Rimbaud, a matador, a picador, circus artists, heroes of Greek mythology, Santa Claus... You will see precisely the protruding muscles, the eye, the hair, the mane floating in the wind, the hooves, the lugs, the hooked greenhouses, a multitude of details which give life to sculptures always in movement and animate the work of this young artist. Self-taught, his center of interest is focused on a consideration of man. With the help of school notebook paper, white paper, aluminum foil, he crumbles, triturates, crumples the material to the desired shape and thus fits into the movement of narrative figuration. The resulting result reveals a paper sculpture from 10 centimeters to 2 meters high offering a unique piece full of poetry. Paper of a special grammage, worked in a wild way, unconventional in addition to a solidifying resin, offers the necessary resistance to the good behavior of the sculpture in the time. At age 6, at the kindergarten in Dakar, André Gacko, from his first sensations, uses modelling clay to reproduce animals. Nurtured by TV shows, he likes to build ships, fantastic characters that will guide him to the material at his disposal: paper, now his favorite material. Thus, André Gacko values a daily material and invites us to see by a new prism the paper with resine that in his hands becomes a work. He exhibits on various topics and in many places.

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