The French magazine focusing on and catering to women, Madame Figaro recently interviewed Cynthia Soddu, the founder of Artalistic - a platform for selling and buying original art online. The article was published in the magazine’s online edition and highlights the philosophy and values Soddu and her team uphold. Websites facilitating art transactions are rapidly growing in popularity as this sector brings together an increasing number of artists and collectors both professional and amateur.

Madame Figaro praises Artalistic – a leading site for buying & selling original artwork online

The online art market has grown steadily over the past few years and is predicted to expand significantly in the future. Madame Figaro is a mainstream women’s magazine that has been highly regarded in France since its inception in 1980. The magazine’s fundamental content includes fashion, beauty, interior design and, in this case, the growing importance of the online art market. Madame Figaro selected Artalistic as their platform of choice.

Artalistic & Cynthia Soddu in Madame Figaro

In the interview published in early May, Cynthia Soddu talks about her experience working at prestigious auction houses and how this lead her to realize the full potential of the online art market. She explains her approach to the profession and the benefits of online buying. She also discusses the concept that online purchases of original art can benefit both artists and collectors, whether they are amateurs or professionals.

Countless websites have emerged in this booming niche, however Artalistic sets itself apart from the competition with its global view of the art world. The website places communication at its forefront, allowing artists, amateur collectors, professional investors and art lovers a chance to send each other direct messages and make price offers for pieces. Users can also contact Soddu’s team of skilled collaborators who can give advice about the art featured on the website and guide you through the selling or purchasing process.

A small operation with high ambitions

One of Artalistic’s main business philosophies is centered on putting personal relations first. This community based website brings together a panoply of international artists and buyers in order to make contemporary art accessible to everyone while opening up new doors for emerging artists.

Cynthia Soddu runs Artalistic with a team of two equally passionate and eager women - Sophie Michaux and Svetlana Jarova. This trio of successful women reflect the type of women Madame Figaro encourages their readers to emulate through content that focuses on celebrating women’s careers while at the same time challenging conventional views of women’s role in society and the workplace. Soddu and her collaborators have dubbed themselves “the Charlie’s Angels of the art market.” Only underscoring the humanistic principles, transparency and reliability that build the foundation for the art sleuthing that their job entails, as each piece of fine art that is posted on the website is carefully studied to be sure that it meets several strict criteria.    

If you are one of our bi-lingual readers you may enjoy reading Madame Figaro’s article about Artalistic.

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Rest assured that Artalistic’s team meticulously studies each piece that is proposed for sale online. Individuals who have made purchases on Artalistic can leave reviews about their experience with the seller. Sellers and buyers can also direct message each other.

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Our tried and true sales process can be broken down into the following steps:

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