T'es trop LOVE de moi

T'es trop LOVE de moi (2021) Mixed media on canvas
  • Dimensions : 115 x 75 x 1,5 cm
  • Framing : No
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    Certificate by the artist
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Aditional Information
Period Contemporary (1945-today)

Lightweight frame 75 x 115 x 1.5 cm and slightly twisted (easy to grind in an American box)

Artist Biography

Imbued with contemporary art, influenced by the New Yorker Basquiat, JimLac populates his paintings with the "childishness" of his daughter. He paints by capturing on his canvases, moments of life shared with his daughter. He thus restores with a mimetically childish brushstroke, the small reflections of a child, from the most anecdotal, funny, insane, to the most moving.

School teacher, self-taught artist, he handles as much Indian ink as acrylic, oil pastels as spray paint, he ventures to paint with his bad hand, in order to reproduce the clumsiness of children and perhaps also ... the clumsiness of the father that he is. JimLac builds a work of the most intimate, listening complicitly to his child.

Naïve, instinctive, raw, hazardous, clumsy ... His work is essentially sentimental as he remembers the small pleasures of his daily life as a father. Loaded with affectivity, each painting collects the childish word in what it has of spontaneous, of unprepared to become the ground of the play of the painter and to create his own universe.

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