Orange is new Black

Orange is new Black (2024) Mixed media on canvas
  • Dimensions : 40 x 40 x 3 cm
  • Framing : No
  • Guarantee :
Sold and delivered by
Studio Tangerine
Aditional Information
Period Contemporary (1945-today)
Artist Biography

Born in 1986 in Paris, Bobby.J lived his childhood in NYC. He studied at the prestigious Miami Fine Arts Academy. 

Fascinated by Nikki de Saint Phalle, Kandinsky or even Miss Tic, he created his first works on cardboard. 

Committed to the queer community, Bobby.J defends minorities in various associations. This intense and sometimes painful period allows him to exorcise his sorrows in abstract works. 

Very early on, geometric shapes were part of his pictorial compositions. His colorful works where lines are drawn, which combine and overlap, offer a creation of free density. 

His improvised but controlled gesture triggers an emotion by the vibrations of his curves which invites us to follow a certain musicality. 

The colored masses urge us into an entirely interior reality where the viewer's gaze can then be lost. He offers us a musical journey through a harmony of the line associated with bright and dynamic colors. 

Bobby.J sends us a work that reflects the beauty of the world and its dark contradictions.

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