Gérard Taillandier
Eden (2000) Bronze
  • Dimensions : 53 x 10 x 10 cm
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Gérard Taillandier
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Aditional Information
Period Contemporary (1945-today)
Artist Biography

Born in 1954, Gérard Taillandier's childlike gaze early on hovered over materials, fire, and metals in the workshops of his father and grandfather, where the forge's flames burned in his pupils. The capacity for dreaming and the observation of reality translated through drawing guided Gérard Taillandier, from the age of 15, to places where he could salvage metals and assemble them into mysterious animals. As a young and curious student, his scientific path did not prevent him from constantly shaping clay. He worked in drawing and painting, and then ventured into the realm of metal casting, with an increasingly precise preference for bronze.

The common thread throughout Gérard Taillandier's works primarily revolves around the study of the female body. Bodies emerge, pure and smooth, to fill the space; the fluidity of the silhouettes, the graceful lines – on his sculptures with elegant forms, the hand is compelled to precede the eye.

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