Bédik (2022) Steel sculpture (welds)
  • Dimensions : 30 x 17 cm
  • Guarantee :
    Certificate by the artist
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Delivery: One to two weeks Hand delivery: Vernet 31810 - FRANCE
Aditional Information
Period Contemporary (1945-today)

This sculpture is made of welded nuts. The base is a piece of motorcycle engine. The sculpture is painted and varnished. Signed and numbered by the artist.  It is a unique piece.

Artist Biography

To introduce myself, what to say... I am a young woman of 29 years, my name is Stellina which means little star, and I am many other things but the purpose is not to tell my life. I am absolutely wordless in front of paintings of Frida Kahlo, klimt, Van Gogh, and so many others. I am self-taught, I create sculptures out of nuts and parts of cars or motorcycles of collections that I weld. All have a story to tell, a particular symbolism.

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