Le vieux pot de peinture noir - 357

Yannick Bouillault
Le vieux pot de peinture noir - 357 (2024) Metal
  • Dimensions : 11 x 31 x 18 cm
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Yannick Bouillault
Aditional Information
Period Contemporary (1945-today)
Artist Biography

The studio where artist Yannick Bouillault works and lives is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in western France. It was in the face of this immensity that he began to create in time from an early age. He went on to study boiler making and became a technician. It wasn't until 2016 that he spontaneously turned to sculpture. Fascinated by the material, mainly steel, and influenced by philosophy, with his in-depth knowledge of certain techniques, he takes the liberty of subjecting this sterile material to a kind of metamorphosis, transforming it into a fertile sensation. A thinker and curious about phenomena, he often combines emotion with reflection. He creates as he thinks, inspired by the effervescence of beings and the absence of movement.

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