• Country : France
  • Number of artworks : 8

I was born in France in 1962, Hank was born much later... Creative since childhood, I'm passionate about design and graphics. Specializing in eyewear design, I soon began collaborating with major brands in the fashion world, including Yves Saint Laurent, Azzaro, Torrente, Agnès B.... Then I moved to the USA, where I joined the Ray Ban design team, with whom I worked for over 10 years. These years of experience in graphics, fashion and design, as well as my travels around the world, have forged my graphic personality. Now back in France, I've decided to take on a new challenge and start a new career in graphic art. Having worked for many years in the world of optics, my work has always focused on the eye, which plays a key role in most of my paintings. Detail has always been the essence of my design creations. The alchemy of recomposing an infinite number of details to form a whole gives rise to a new reality.

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