Emilio Mortini

  • Country : France
  • Number of artworks : 24

Emilio Mortini was born in 1972 in Neuilly sur Seine.

At the age of 14 he moved to New York with his mother and siblings after the death of their father. Enrolled at the New York Academy of Art, he began his artistic career as a sculptor and has been credited with some exceptional pieces such as the "Vita Eterna" Violin and the "One Dollar" Amerika among his successful designs.

Seeking to push the limits of contemporary art, he is also passionate about street art and pop art. The orchestrated collision of Street art and Pop art is his balancing act.

A contemporary artist and sculptor, he sculpts bronze, steel and also works with aluminium resin. He also exhibited at the FIAC in 1998 in Paris and organises private exhibitions and events.

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