Patrick Brière

  • Country : France
  • Number of artworks : 25

Norman painter from Le Havre, Patrick Briere starts to paint at the age of 12, gouache, oil and ink are then his tools. His native city is a source of inspiration, he finds there the Norman skies so much painted by the Impressionists. The discovery of the works of Van Gogh and Vlaminck will change his perception of the interpretation of landscape. Drawing has always been his hobby and since 2008 he has devoted himself totally to painting. After having practiced watercolor under the teaching of Jean-Louis Morelle, he rediscovered, about ten years ago, oil under the guidance of Philippe Leroux. At the fine arts school in Le Havre, he practiced drawing from a live model. His painting is a colorful vision of the world around him. Color and light are an important part of the identity of his painting, in a permanent research of synthetic and colored construction, a will of transmission of emotions. His way tends to go towards the simplification of the forms, towards the limits of the abstraction, in a harmony of almost fauvist inspiration. He favors oil on large formats without abandoning the watercolor that he uses for small formats very spontaneous. He also likes scenes of urban life, always colorful, evocations of a fleeting moment. In permanent research, his painting is not fixed. The harmony is a constant basis of work. The important thing is not the subject but the emotion transmitted by the artist. If he exhibits essentially in his region, he is recognized internationally, sales in France and abroad.

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