• Country : Italy
  • Number of artworks : 7

KRAYON is an Italian pixel artist born in Melfi in 1984, where he made his first steps as a street artist. Today, he bases in Rome where he began a constant research that led him to develop a type of pixel art that distinguishes him. After industrial and graphic design studies, he develops a personal language with which he has been distinguished for years.

The pixel is the basic element of each of his works in addition to a lot of patience and precision. His work reveals a complex design scheme and image management. He has always been influenced by classical scientific arts, from Seurat’s Neo-Impressionism to Vasarely’s Optical Art. 

During his artistic career, he has painted for many festivals such as Vedo a Colori (Civitanova Marche), Rock Your Head (Montebello di Bertona), Blue Flow (Ventotene), Street Art Wine Fest (Marsala), In wall we trust (Airola).

In August 2015, he created TEXTURA fest, the first street art festival in his home town.

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