David Kracov


David Kracov is an artist born in Boston in 1968.

He studied in the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design.

At the age of 12, he had already won a contest and exhibited at the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston. With this unattended opportunity, he was the youngest artist to have exhibited his work. 
He started his career in animation in California and worked for several studios such as Don Bluth Animation and Disney Animations. His talents in graphic desing brought him to work for classicals of cartoons such as the Lion King and Aladin.

Close and attach to the world of children, David Kracov wants to keep this spirit in his art. He creates sculptures in sheets of steel and other metaks that he paints with bright colors. His pièces are limited edtion, pieces and are done individually in order for them to be completely different from each other.

Definetively belonging to the pop and modern culture, David Kracov's créations emit a sort of joy. They are a collection of shades and of smooth shapes. In each one of them there is a butterfly present, whether disimilated or visible, it is a symbol of liberty and of childhood for the artist.

His work has been present in several countries and exhibitions. David Kracov has today a famous, renowned name.

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