Figurative, abstract, street and pop art – Artalistic's got it all. This celebrated platform for buying and selling contemporary fine art online is rapidly increasing its number of followers and media spotlight features. Artalistic's founder, Cynthia Soddu, and her team were recently featured in an article by Marie Claire magazine. 

Artalistic is making headlines

Marie Claire features Artalistic

Artalistic was recently featured in an article in the French magazine Madame Figaro and is enjoying the limelight again in a new article by Marie Claire – an international monthly  magazine that covers health, beauty, fashion and home décor topics. Artalistic is a website dedicated to buying and selling contemporary fine art online, which was created by Cynthia Soddu in 2019. 

This article was published in Marie Claire's sister magazine, Maison, which covers home décor. The article discussed how Artalistic's services allow contemporary artists, sellers, collectors and investors to connect via their easy-to-use website.

Artalistic was created barely a year ago and it has already accrued recognition in part thanks to the enthusiastic and passionate individuals who make up its consulting team. 

Building a community around their passion for art

Artalistic is unique for building its online presence around the concept of community with the ultimate goal of bringing together and facilitating communication between those wishing to sell and buy contemporary fine art online.

Artalistic is proving to be the essential link in a chain that brings together artists and art lovers in search of the perfect piece of fine art.

Creating a community around a common interest

If you reach out to Artalistic's team of professionals for help, whether you want to sell or buy contemporary fine art online, its core values – community, transparency and a love of fine art - will become clear to you immediately. You will be in direct contact with individuals who are passionate about art and who will help guide you through the site's main functions so that you can enjoy a seamless experience from start to finish.

“A world unto itself, revolutionizing the online marketplace for contemporary fine art”

Making art excessable to everyone

The article published by Marie Claire describes Artalistic as, "A world unto itself, revolutionizing the online marketplace for contemporary fine art.” The piece also underscores its founder Cynthia Soddu's dream to make fine art something that everyone can afford and enjoy.

The best way to buy and sell contemporary fine art online  

Artalistic features an impressive array of paintings, photographs, sculptures, drawings and limited editions to fit all budgets. Artalistic brings together people from all walks of life who may not share the same taste in art by offering a carefully curated selection of different styles and media that all share two common traits - originality and quality.

A close-knit, enthusiastic and professional team

Artalistic is known for its professionalism and reliability, which creates an atmosphere of trust between buyers and sellers. The platform is design to facilitate communication to create fluid exchanges.

All of the transactions that take place on Artalistic use a very secure online payment system.   The website has very specific guidelines that must be followed by both the buyers and sellers in order to create a seamless purchasing experience that is closely followed by Artalistic's team of experts.

Passionate people produce a passionate platform

Cynthia Soddu heads up the team, accompanied by Sophie Michaux and Svetlana Jarova, who both specialized in the art market and have extensive experience working at auction houses, museums and galleries

Her passion for modern and contemporary art coupled with her exceptional background - a graduate of École du Louvre with a Master's degree in the Art Market and International Negotiation - allows Soddu to share her passion with specialists and novices alike.

Buying and selling contemporary fine art online: new and exciting features will soon be avilable on Artalistic

Artalistic will be enhancing its website with a brand-new Art Advisor service that will help clients search for the perfect piece of contemporary fine art. This new feature will allow you to find the cornerstone piece to complete a collection or discover something to complete your new interior design makeover.

Artalistic specializes in art investment and can also help guide you through a larger purchase, as contemporary art is attracting more interest in today's society and is a great way to enrich your legacy.

Whether you are an artist looking to create a portfolio on our website or looking to buy contemporary fine art online, Artalistic will be there with you every step of the way. Feel free to contact our team of experts. We would also like to thank Marie Claire's editorial staff for the fabulous article. And see you soon for the latest news from the art world!