Are you a professional, company manager or administrative director that’s looking to redecorate their offices, commercial spaces or waiting rooms to make them more welcoming? This project is definitely within your reach thanks to rent-to-own options available in the world of fine art. You may be wondering how you can purchase works of art by leasing at a lower price while enjoying tax exemptions? Artalistic, one of the leading online platforms for buying and selling art, explains how this is possible and its various advantages.

How to rent art through an online fine art leasing service

Leasing is a common practice in the professional sector, for example, financing a vehicle or manufacturing tool. Renting or leasing art is finally gaining traction in the creative sector.

Leasing with an option to buy is becoming an increasingly popular method for purchasing paintings, sculptures, photographs or even art furniture. Art rental is a particularly interesting option for organizations, companies, freelancers, etc. 

Purchasing fine art through leasing services is a surprisingly simple process, especially if you work with an expert in the field like Artalistic!

Use these simple steps to buy art online through rental services  

If you are interested in art rental and rent-to-own services the first thing to do is browse Artalistic’s carefully curated online galleries Thanks to its dedicated team of experts, Artalistic has propelled itself to the top of the industry as a reputable online platform specializing in buying and selling art. Artalistic has been featured in recognized media outlets such as Forbes and the French magazine Marie Claire.

Artalistic mainly features contemporary art from both well-established and emerging artists at a wide range of prices. You will be hard pressed to choose between our large panoply of paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings and limited-edition prints.

The following details the steps to follow in order to get started on your art leasing journey:

Selecting a work of art

We know that searching for the perfect work of art to fit your taste and budget can be difficult. Artalistic’s goal is to bring a curated and unique shopping experience to the discerning art enthusiast. Our team can collaborate with you to find a piece that will meet all of your requirements. Feel free to leave us a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible and help you get started. For more details about art rental, feel free to read our blog article on the subject.

Creating and finalizing an art rental contract

The second step in creating and finalizing an art leasing contract involves establishing a monthly payment plan that suits your budget. When we create this plan, we take into account the amount of savings you can earn on taxes.

Shipping the artwork on lease

Once this art rental contract has been signed and approved your artwork will be shipped to you in the shortest possible delay. Artalistic is a reputable online gallery that uses safe and secure payment methods.  

What happens when your art rental contract finishes?

At the end of your art leasing contract, several options exist depending on the clauses stated in your contract. You will most likely have the option of paying the remainder of the work of art’s price, becoming the proud owner of the piece. It’s possible to make substantial savings in comparison to the piece’s initial sale price.

The benefits of renting art for corporate and retail owners

Exhibiting art for the public and employees to enjoy

Purchasing and exhibiting rental art is becoming increasingly common. It has many advantages for companies, administrations and property rental owners.

It allows you to create a pleasant space for your clients and collaborators to enjoy. Art can also be a good way to represent your company’s values. Creating a pleasant atmosphere in your workspace shouldn’t be underestimated as a forward-thinking communication strategy.

The financial advantages of leasing fine art

In addition to being able to purchase a work of art at a lower cost while spreading out payments over a period of time, the piece’s price can be deducted from the company's annual taxable income. Not only will your accountant be happy, buy you can also enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you have made an investment that will bring you solid returns!

Pay less taxes by renting fine art

Companies can therefore deduct the cost of artwork from their taxable income, making investing in art a wise financial decision.

Not only will you be investing in culture by leasing art, you will be enjoying significant tax deductions.  

In France, Art rental (generally lasting between 12 and 48 months) comes under the heading of office decoration (compte 6068 du plan comptable général). It is therefore considered to be completely deductible.

Artalistic: a leading art rental and rent-to-own gallery

Leasing art with the intention to buy allows companies and professionals an easy and progressive way to purchase artwork through the company.

Countless companies have used Artalistic to help them decorate their commercial spaces.

If you are based in France and are interested in our art rental services, or if you have any questions about whether or not renting to own is right for you, feel free to contact our team and we will give you the personalized help you deserve.

Artalistic’s art leasing services are only available in France at the time this article was written. However, our traditional online art sale services are available worldwide.