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Artalistic offers distinct modern and contemporaries quality drawings for which the artists have a quotation on the Art market. You can discover these according to your envies or by refining your search according to theme, desired technique or to your budget.

A drawing indicates any representation which, on a support, is determined by an incised trace, or simply realized through a material susceptible to leave a mark. Touches of colors can accompany sometimes such a representation referring it to an outside reality or corresponding to an imaginary projection of the spirit, representational or abstract. But the word drawing also implies a complex act connecting a mental activity to a manual expression. We distinguish generally in the artistic drawing stages or states of realization: fast sketch, notation or sketch.

The drawing since millenniums did not stop appearing as a means of communication. It exists since Prehistoric times as show it the parietal drawings found in caves. Afterward, for the artist, it establishes, most of the time, an elementary way to concretize the first thought of a project, of a composition. Sketch being at the origin of any work, way of representational imitation, form of projection of the imagination leading of the identification of object to the reasoned or imaginative abstraction - drawing did not stop through times to stand out: from architectural project to simple pleasure to respond to the need for an instructive activity.

The artist made drawing an art at the base of most of other arts, like Renaissance authors used to say. Today, it remains one of the simplest and most direct ways to communicate.

TAGS : ink on paper, pencil, collage, watercolor, abstract, portrait, street art